Horses and Elephants and Bears, Oh My!

ozpinotsThis Tuesday Tasting (Sept 26) we follow the yellow brick road to the West Coast to try 3 fun, fruit-filled Pinot Noirs that will make you want to click your heels and sing. Featuring:

Firesteed, OR – This light, bright Pinot out of Oregon showcases the racy acidity of the region but is balanced by strawberry and raspberry flavors with a touch of cola on the finish. $14 btl, $7 btg

Mumbo Jumbo Elephant, CA – A ruby red Pinot from the Treasure Hunter collection tasting of rich red cherries, Asian spices and a touch of vanilla. $16 btl, $8 btg

Four Bears, CA – The warm climate of the Central Coast results in a richer, earthier Pinot tasting of dark berries and red plum with hints of tobacco, truffle and light oak. $14 btl, $7 btg

Tasting: $11

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