Meet the Maker: Brazos Wines

brazosMeet the Maker: Adam Shobert, Brazos Wines
Tues, Oct 3, 5:30-7:00

This Tuesday we have a special tasting with Adam Shobert of Brazos Wines. Brazos is an importer of South American wines that works with small, family owned vineyards in Argentina and Chile to bring their offerings to the U.S. With a focus on small production, environmentally friendly wines, they have introduced us to some of our favorites over the last few years including the Dona Silvina and Zorzal wines (which were recently written up in the NY Times as South America’s up-and-coming winemakers). We’ll be trying several new wines with Adam on Tuesday including a 100% Pinot Noir Rose, an unoaked Carignan that received 91 points from Wine Advocate and has been noted or putting this unique blending grape “on the map”, as well as a Malbec-Cab blend and more.

Tasting: $10

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