3 Shades of Grenache

grenache3shadesThis Tuesday Tasting (Mar 13) we try three wines that show the versatility of this popular Spanish grape. Featuring:

  • Espelt Grenache Blanc, Spain – Grown on a family vineyard in the high-altitude Albera Nature Reserve of Catalonia, these old vine Grenache produce both red and white that have become critic’s favorites. The white is aged in French oak to create a full-bodied wine tasting of yellow apples and pears, soft vanilla and a touch of almond on the finish. $14 btl, $7 btg
  • Penya Rose, France – This pale pink blush from “French Catalonia” (right on the border of Spain) is spring spirit in a glass: strawberries, raspberries and fresh melon combine in a surprisingly creamy rose that still ends with a clean, minerally finish. $14 btl, $7 btg
  • Espelt Old Vine Grenache, Spain – The red version of this vine produces a medium bodied, bright ruby that’s imminently drinkable – blackberries, plums and blueberries combine with a touch of cocoa and cassis.  $14 btl, $7 btg

Tasting: $11

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