Roaring Reds

roaringred_juggernautThis Tuesday Tasting (May 15), we taste three full-bodied California Cabs that will leave you howling for more. Featuring:

  • Bellacosa – Daniel Cohn (of BR Cohn) first vintage is already earning rave reviews for its rich, fruity-filled flavours (reminiscent of the BR Cohn cherry bombs) balanced by light oak, spice and smoke. $25 blt, $9 btg
  • Stave and Steele Bourbon Barrel Cab – Aged for four months in charred, Kentucky bourbon barrels, this full-bodied Cab combines bold fruit flavors (dark cherry, blackberry, and plum) with notes of vanilla, caramel, and spice. $19 btl, $8 btg
  • Juggernaut – This Cab is grown on a steep hillside forcing the grapes to their fullest and ripest, resulting in an enormous red filled with complex flavors of chocolate, coffee, blackberries, cassis and mint. $22 btl, $9 btg

Tasting: $13


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