Fabulous French Fermentations

frenchtastingTues-Thurs Tasting (July 21-23):
Fabulous French Fermentations

This week we take a trip across the Atlantic to the land synonymous with wine to try three tasty French options. Featuring:

  • Bellula Rosé, Languedoc – This delicate blush from the southern coast of France combines Syrah (60%) and Grenache (40%) to create soft summer fruit flavors of melon, strawberry and peach blossom. $14 btl, $7 btg
  • Justin Girardin Bourgogne Blanc, Burgundy – The Girardin family has been making wine for 700 years (13 generations!) and this newest offering from Justin show why they are synonymous with good burgundies: an aromatic white made from 100% Chard is organically grown, handpicked, and aged for 12 months in a combination of French oak and stainless steel to create complex flavours of apple, pear, pineapple and kiwi with a touch of lemon cream and vanilla on the finish. $21 btl, $9 btg
  • Domaine De Serres Red Blend, Languedoc – This blend of Cab Franc, Cab, Grenache, Merlot and Syrah comes from a historic Chateau (listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cellars) where it is hand picked, punched and stirred on the lees before aging in French oak to create a ruby red with strawberry and raspberry aromas, flavors of rich red and black plum and hint of black pepper. $19 btl, $8 btg

Tasting: $13

Paired with: Bacon, Date and Goat Cheese flatbread.

Not ready to dine or taste in? 5% discount on each tasting bottle to go or 10% off if you buy all 3!

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