Big Bold Reds


Our Tuesday Tasting on April 7 features three of our recent favorites: big bold reds from regions that have made them famous.

  • Zig Zag Zin, California—A classic Cali Zin that’s more than the fun name: big and juicy tasting of black and purple plums with a hint of black pepper and smoky barbecue.
  • Fairview Shiraz, South Africa—Another plummy red, this time balanced with red raspberries and kick of white pepper.
  • Castelluci Miano Perricone, Italy—One of our favorite reds out of Italy, this little-grown grape is rarely featured on its own. But when it is? The results are a deep, rich red tasting of dark berries and fruits, tobacco, licorice and leather—a meaty mouthful with an elegant finish.

Price: $12

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