French (Austerity) Wines

FrenchWineThis Tuesday Tasting we take a page from the French book and try three budget-friendly reds that still offer a lot of style for the dollar. Featuring:

  • Roncier Pinot Noir, Burgundy – Cherry, raspberry and light oak combine in this rich ruby red (made of a combination of several vintages) that has a hint of Asian spices and pepper on the finish. $11 btl, $5 btg
  • Jardin de Ruth, Cotes du Rhone – This red from southern Rhone is predominately made of Grenache with a hint of Syrah to create a rich ruby red tasting of cherry and raspberry with a soft, elegant finish. $12 btl, $6 btg
  • Moulin de Gassac ‘Guilhem’ Rouge, Languedoc – Renowned for their affordable yet classic wines (including their popular rosé) this organic Syrah blend shows off the distinct “terroir” of the region: dark and earthy, tasting of black fruits, herbs, nutmeg and cedar with an elegant minerality on the finish. $13 btl, $6 btg

Tasting: $10

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