Renovations Complete!

Firehouse Wine Bar

Front Room

It took a little longer than planned, but we’re finally ready to open our doors and pour you all a glass (or two, or three…)

The space is ready for business, and fingers crossed the City of Mobile and Board of Health will agree! We hope to finish our inspections next week and open by the end of March.

In the meantime, check out some pics of what we hope will become your new home away from home — and just imagine all those empty chairs and wine racks filled with fun folks and cool libations!

Firehouse Wine Store

Wine Store Walkway with racks ready and waiting to be filled!

Firehouse Bar and Beer Taps

Our custom made 24 foot copper bar and new tap system for all you craft beer drinkers out there.

Firehouse Bar Fire PoleCome back soon and check out photos of our private back room, seating parties of up to 25!


And for all those who asked: that’s the original fire pole — intended for sliding, not dancing… though I guess it depends on how many glasses you’ve had!


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