Bubble Trouble

ChampagneParty2Having trouble balancing elegant effervescence at unbubblistic prices? This Tuesday Tasting we try three fun sparklings that are (perhaps a little too) easy to drink! Featuring:

  • Jacques Pelvas Blanc De Blancs Brut, France – Fresh lemon zest and grapefruit abound in this dry, citrusy sparkling from Provence made from the popular white brandy grapes Ugni-Blanc and Colombard. $13 btl, $6 btg
  • Saint-Hilaire Crémant de Limoux, France – Known as France’s oldest sparkling wine (started 100 years before Dom Perignon) and described by critics as similar to a “high-quality Champagne at one-third the price” this hidden gem is made in the méthode champenoise (fermented in the bottle) and tastes of ripe pear, green apple, tangerine and a hint of fresh ginger and almond. $18 btl, $8 btg
  • La Toretta Extra Dry Spumante, Italy – Made from the same grape as most Proseccos (Glera) and in the same style (barrel/vat fermented) this Spumante originates from a different region, hence the name, but delivers the same juicy flavors as the popular Italian bubbly and is packed with fruit flavors of peach and apple balanced by a clean mineral finish. $13 btl, $6 btg

Tasting; $10

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