Not Your Cali Cabs

wine-venice-1This Tuesday Tasting we leave West Coast Cabs behind to take a tour that spans continents to try some of their ripe, red cabs that are excellent reflections of the region. Featuring:

  • Excelsior, South Africa—This bright red from Robertson Valley in the Western Cape is consistently ranked a Wine Enthusiast Best Buy for good reason: black cherry and plum combine with hints of chocolate, spice, and dusty earth for an easy-drinking Cab made for summer Braais (that’s South African for “barbecue”). $13 btl, $6 btg
  • Zingara, Italy – The distributors of this wine, who take their name Zingara from the gypsy tribes who wandered the region, use the same approach in their portfolio—choosing the best small production wines from farms throughout northern Italy—and this Cab is a refreshingly different find: balancing dry red currants and berries with a strong kick of black pepper to create a medium bodied, spicy red that goes well with marinara. $17 btl, $8 btg
  • Don Rodolfo, Argentina – From the region world-famous for their rich, fruity Malbecs (Mendoza) it shouldn’t surprise you that this Cab is a real fruit-bomb, tasting of ripe, dark berries and black plums balanced by a touch of earth and truffle to create rich red described by wine critic James Suckling as striking the balance between “overripe and outstanding”! $13 btl, $6 btg

Tasting: $11

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