Mad for Spanish Wines

spanish-wineThis Tuesday Tasting we try three very different Spanish wines that showcase the range and variety of grapes and wine-making in this country. Featuring

  • Bodegas Langa “Pi”—This full-bodied white wine is made from Garnacha Blanca (Grenache Blanc) a varietal of the red grape that originated in northern Spain and the highly ranked “Pi” is an interesting example: filled with ripe green flavors of Asian pear and white peach, which the grape is known for, but balanced with surprising notes of baking spices (think gingerbread and clove). $23 btl, $9 btg
  • Chapillon Cuvee Harmonie – We’ve long been fans of this French winemaker’s take on Spanish wines and this Petit Verdot-Tannat blend is another elegant example: strong and savory, this dry red tastes of stewed berries, anise, smokey herbs and more than a hint of dust on the finish. $18 btl, $8 btg
  • Viña Equía Rioja Reserva – Grown in the famous Rioja region along the Basque border, this highly-ranked Tempranillo is aged 24 months in American and French oak (to earn the classification “Reserva”) to create an intense, ruby red with multiple layers and flavors of dark fruit, herbs, vanilla and spice. $21 btl, $8 btg

Tasting: $13


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