Pinots with Personality

pinotspersThis Tuesday Tasting (June 26) we try three very different styles of California Pinot Noirs. Featuring:

  • Nia – This ruby red Pinot brings on the berries! Mulberries, black cherries, and raspberries combine with a touch of earth and a soft, velvety finish. $15 btl, $7 btg
  • Landmark – This Cali winery specializes in Pinot Noir alone, drawing their grapes from cool climate vineyards in Santa Barbara, Sonoma and Monterey to offer up an elegantly layered Pinot that tastes of red and black plums, cherry, and a touch of vanilla, cedar and orange peel on the finish. $21 btl, $9 btg
  • A&D – This former Brooklyn family (who once sold homemade reds from a pushcart) settled outside San Francisco in 1963 to focus on winemaking, but never lost their New York chutzpah, as evidenced by this big, full-bodied Pinot that adds a dash of Shiraz (6%) to create a rich, spice filled red tasting of dark fruits, cocoa and smoky notes. $19 btl, $8 btg

Tasting: $12

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