Le Grand Rouge

frenchreds2This Tuesday Tasting we try 3 elegant French red blends that will make your taste buds say “oooh la la”! Featuring:

  • Louis Vallon Bordeaux – This rich, ruby red made from predominately Cabernet Sauvignon is a beautiful expression of the region: dark red raspberry and cherry flavors are complemented by a touch of oak and earth in this silky red. $19 btl, $8 btg
  • Chateau Grand Francais Bordeaux Supérieur – Dating back to the 1500s, this vineyard still produces traditional Bordeaux reds: hand harvested, organic, and a blend of Merlot, Cab Sav and Cab Franc resulting in a complex, layered red where each sip reveals different notes of black currant, wild berries, fresh herbs, leather and smoke. $24 btl ,$9 btg
  • Puydeval – This intense blend of Cab Franc, Syrah, and Cab Sav from the Languedoc region creates spice-filled flavors of black cherry and blackberry with a touch of anise, pepper and a nice earthiness on the finish. $18 btl, $8 btg

Tasting: $13

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