Meet the Maker: Jon Tomaselli of Torii Mor

20180930_toriimor-harvestday-738__bydiegodiazMeet the Maker: Jon Tomaselli of Torii Mor

Yes, two weeks in a row! We’re excited to bring you another special tasting this Tuesday (Mar 19) with Jon Tomaselli, Assistant Winemaker for Oregon winery Torii Mor. If you have tried our latest reserve Pinot, you’ll recognize the Burgundian style that is the focus of Torii Mor and Jon (whose family has been making wines for 3 generations).

This Tuesday we’ll be tasting 4 wines from the Willamette Valley vineyard including: a beautifully balanced Pinot Gris tasting of ripe apples and pears with delicate spice notes and a smooth, fruity finish; an elegant Chardonnay that combines rich citrus-floral smells with a mix of garden flowers (honeysuckle) framed by lemon, crisp apple, light butter notes, and very light oak spices; Black Label Pinot Noir, which has rich aromas of wild flowers and roses, mixed in with complex red and dark berries, including cherries; and Deux Verres Reserve Pinot Noir, a fruit-forward more concentrated red tasting of dark cherries and blueberries with complex earth and floral notes.

Tasting: $15

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