Southern Hemisphere Cabs

redwineThis Tuesday Tasting (June 4) we try 3 rich reds from the deep, deep south. Featuring:

  • Man Vintners, South Africa – About the only thing South Africans love more than wine is barbecuing, and this light summer Cab fits the bill for both: medium-bodied and not-too-dry this red tastes of rich red berries, cassis and tobacco with a smooth finish. $12 btl, $6 btg
  • Viña Maitia Roto, Chile – More than a pretty package, this Cab from French winemaker David Marcel is blended with just a touch of Syrah to create a juicy, fruit forward red tasting of mulberry and plum with a hint of floral and clove on the nose. $13 btl, $6 btg
  • Medalla Real, Chile – This Chilean Cab has been earning high accolades for good reason – striking a great balance between dark fruit flavours (black plum and berry), rich earthy notes and just a touch of green herbs and peppers it manages to create a full-bodied, elegant mouthful without being overwhelming. $14 btl, $7 bt

Tasting: $10

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