Merlot Three Ways

Merlot2Weekly Tasting
Feb 17-19

This week we try Merlot from three different continents to see how this classic red can be shaped by terroir and wine making. Featuring

  • Gouguenheim Merlot, Argentina — One of the highest altitude vineyards in Mendoza, Gouguenheim bought this third-generation vineyard in 2002 to combine old-vine Argentinian grapes with a French style of wine making, as exemplified in this easy-drinking Merlot: bright red and black fruit flavours combine with a touch of baking spices and campfire smoke. $12 btl, $6 btg
  • Elicio, France – This silky red from southern Rhone blends sustainably grown Merlot and Grenache grapes to create a complex, fruit-forward wine tasting of blackberry, blueberry, spices and touch of black tea. $15 btl, $7 btg
  • Trig Point Merlot, CA – This Alexander Valley vineyard is famous for its Bordeaux varietals, and this Merlot is a beautiful example: ripe plum and blackberry aromas combine with red raspberry and black cherry flavors in a velvety red with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. $20 btl, $8 btg

Tasting: $11

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