Eastern Influences


 Weekly Wine Flight: Tues, Aug 3 – Thurs, Aug 5

Featuring 3 fun new wines from Armenia, Macedonia and Moldova!

  • Cricova Brut, Moldova — Cricova has been making wine since 1952 and is currently the largest vineyard in Moldova, focusing mainly on sparklings (made in methode champenoise and aged in the historic underground city). This bubbly made from local grape Rkatsiteli (plus a dash of Chard, Sav and Aligote) balances flowery notes with a touch of lime, honey and bready flavours. $13 btl, $6 btg
  • Shofer Rose, Armenia – Sourced from a century old vineyard in Vayots Dzor (along the border of Azerbaijin) from the indigenous grape Areni, this highly aromatic blush (think Turkish delight) has notes of candied cherry and strawberry with spices and herbs. $20 btl, $8 btg
  • Macedon Pinot Noir, Macedonia – Grown on the same latitude as Burgundy and Russian River Valley, this layered Pinot kicks off with ripe red and black cherry flavours and a hint of earth, then gradually opens to silky flavours of caramel and plump raisins. $16 btl, $7 btg

Tasting: $12

Flatbread Pairing $8 – Lahmajoon (Armenian Mushroom & Beef)

Photo of Moldovan Wine Fountain courtesy of Emil LH, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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