Tiny Bubbles Tasting


This Tuesday tasting, we bring a little sparkle to your grey day with a set of 3 great bubbles from around the world: Ca Furlan Prosecco a light dry white from Italy; Charles Bove Sparkling Chenin Blanc a crisp fruity sparkling from France; and Gruet Brut a full-bodied, bready “methode champenoise” from New Mexico of all places. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain why that’s not as crazy as it seems at the tasting).

  • Ca Furlan Prosecco, Italy—Originating from Veneto in northern Italy, fine bubbles with light lime, nectarine and floral notes make this crisp sparkling perfect for summer weather.
  • Charles Bove Sparkling Loire, France—This 100% chenin blanc sparkling is made in the champagne tradition with both in-barrel and a second round of in-bottle fermentation. With no added sugar, the result is a dry white, bubbly that delivers a mouthful of almond, fig and pear.
  • Gruet Brut, New Mexico—Where does one of France’s most famous champagne houses go when they want to expand? New Mexico, of course! The high altitudes and cool nights have been producing fine grapes from more than 40 years now and Gruet uses the traditional “methode champenoise” style, including equipment shipped over from France and 24 months on tirage to produce a classic, full-bodied toasty white with a dry finish.

Pricing: $10

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