Great Whites!

GreatWhiteBack from your beach weekend and ready for some white wines with bite? This Tuesday Tasting we feature 3 great full-bodied whites from very unique grapes and regions:

  • Arabella Viognier, South Africa—This award-winning white is full-bodied and complex with strong floral notes and tastes of tropical fruits, lemon and peaches.
  • Reunion Torrontes, Argentina—Made from Argentina’s most popular white grape, this sustainably farmed, hand harvested white delivers a rich mouthful of jasmine, orange, and peach with a hint of herbs and dill in the finish.
  • Hirsch Gruner, Austria—One of the most famous winemakers in Austria delivers a famous wine made from this indigenous grape: a vibrant white tasting of green apples and grapes with the classic citrus and pepper finish of a gruner.

Pricing: $8

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