Roman Holiday

BoeriMiniKegs2This Tuesday Tasting on June 23 we try three Italian wines perfect for the summer season. And some trendy packaging makes them easy to carry to beach parties, boat parties, and 4th of July cookouts! BoeriMiniKegs

  • Boeri White Blend—This family-owned Italian estate has been making great wines for more than a century and this white blend is no exception: light, bright and tasting of tropical fruits with a touch of citrus this wine beautifully balances rich flavor with a refreshing finish. $39 (for a 4-bottle mini-keg)
  • Boeri Barbera—Tasting of cherry, plum, spicy herbs and a hint of marmalade, this soft red isn’t too heavy for hot days and pairs well with almost any food. $39 (for a 4-bottle mini-keg)
  • Tenuta di Collosorbo “Le Due Gemme”—Don’t let the more traditional packaging fool you – this wine made from old-world grapes (sangiovese, syrah, merlot and cabernet sauvignon) has a surprisingly modern style tasting of cherry, blackberry, vanilla and earth. $20

Pricing: $8

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