Merlot2This much maligned grape is finally making a comeback as winemakers (and wine tasters) rediscover this softy, fruity and approachable red. This Tuesday Tasting we feature 3 fun and flavorful merlots from the Southern Hemisphere:

  • Arabella Merlot, South Africa – From the Western Cape this affordable red offers a lot of bang for the buck: rich coffee smells combine with blackberry and pepper flavors for a fruity, tangy red with a surprisingly mellow finish.
  • Botalcura Merlot Reserve, Chile – If you tried this vineyard’s other Central Valley reds, you’ll know that the winemakers offer up rich elegant mouthfuls at affordable prices, and this is no exception: blackberry, leather, clove and smoke combine in this big red with a soft, chalky finish.
  • Schild Estate Merlot, Australia – Mild temperatures and high rainfall in the Barossa Valley in 2011 led to a distinct crop of rich fruity reds, including this elegant and complex merlot, tasting of black plums, cherries, herbs and cinnamon.

Pricing: $8

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