Shades of Chenin

CheninBlancThis Tuesday Tasting we try 3 different versions of this dry, elegant white that is South Africa’s most popular wine. Featuring:

  • Protea – The elegant bottle is a good reflection of the delicate, dry white inside: pear, plum and honeysuckle are complemented by a hint of lemon and a mouthful of minerality. $7 btg, $16 btl
  • Mulderbosch – This consistently well-ranked chenin balances a juicy mix of pineapple and pear with the acidity of grapefruit and lime, plus the slightest touch of oak, for a fresh, flavorful white. $7 btg, $15 btl
  • Pieter Cruythoff – The biggest of the three chenins, this white is culled from 50 year old vines in the Riebeek Valley to deliver a tropical fruit punch of guava and gooseberry with a hint of lemon cream. $6 btg, $12 btl

Tasting: $10

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