Triple AAA

aaawineThis Tuesday Tasting we try three interesting white grapes that make for some aaamaaazing wines! Featuring:

  • Nortico Alvarinho, Portugal – You can taste the seaside in this delicate white grown on 100-year-old vines: peach, passion fruit, and lemon combine with a hint of salt and oyster shells for a beautiful white in an equally beautiful package (labeled to reflect the town’s centuries old tradition of hand-painted tiles). $14 btl, $7 btg
  • Cordero Langhe Arneis, Italy - The grape that almost went extinct in the 70s (only 1 family still grew it) is making a comeback and Cordero offers an elegant example: melon and peach combine with a touch of chamomile tea and tart herbs on the finish. $18 btl, $8 btg
  • Shooting Star Aligote, Washington – Originating from Eastern Europe, this grape makes for a fragrant, full-bodied white fermented in oak barrels for rich spicy flavours, touches of floral notes and a clean finish of citrus and mineral.$14 btl, $7 btg

Tasting: $10


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