Light fare to go with your wine or beer! Firehouse offers small plates and snacks on a daily basis from open to close, plus an additional variety of Party Platters for larger groups.

Small Plates & Snacks

Flatbreads    $8

  • Chicken Marsala — Chicken, creamy white wine sauce, spinach
  • French Onion & Ham — Carmelized onions, ham, mixed cheese, herbs
  • Tomato Artichoke — Fresh tomato, basil, artichoke, sweet onion, mixed cheese

Dips    $5

  • Bourbon Bacon Chicken
  • Creamy Crab Dip
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip

Cheese Board    $9
Five international kinds of cheese served with fruit, jezebel sauce and herbed crostini

Combo Board    $15
Four kinds of cheese, three types of meat, fruit, pickled veggies, jezebel, spicy mustard, herbed crostini and crackers

Pickled Veggie Bowl    $3

Mixed Olives    $4

Mixed Nuts & Fruit    $4

Party Platters

Party platters are available for larger groups. We’ll need your order a few days in advance as we are a small staff (and kitchen), so we need to plan accordingly! Please contact us at or 251-421-2022 to place your order.

Party Platters (effective Dec 2019)    Price

  • Cheese, fruit & antipasto tray *     $30
  • Bruschetta with Chicken Marsala (white wine sauce)    $21
  • Bruschetta with Ham & Caramelized Onion    $21
  • Bruschetta with Spinach Artichoke *     $18
  • Bruschetta with Tomato & Basil *     $18
  • Chicken & pesto filo bites     $17
  • “Devil on Horseback” (almond stuffed dates wrapped in bacon)     $22
  • Fried Ravioli with Red Wine Marinara Sauce    $21
  • Ham and herbed cheese puff pastry pinwheels     $25
  • Puff pastries filled with sweet ricotta and seasonal fruit preserves *    $23
  • Smoked gouda finger frittatas (Spanish egg & potato bites) with creamy red pepper sauce *    $21
  • Spinach & feta filo bites *    $17
  • Stuffed Mushrooms with Chicken Marsala     $22
  • Stuffed Mushrooms with Crab    $22
  • Stuffed Mushrooms with Ham & Carmelized Onion    $22
  • Trip Dip Snack Plate: Three Dips with crudité and crostini (Dip Options: Red Pepper Hummus, Herb Hummus, White Bean Pesto, Spinach Artichoke, Creamy Crab)  *    $21
  • Cheesecake bites (strawberry, chocolate and plain)    $30

* Vegetarian-friendly (or can be made to be upon request)
Please note: There is a minimum gratuity charge of 18% on parties of 10 or more.