Ashton DeGonzaque Obituary, a 11 Year Old Boy Tragically Passed Away

Ashton DeGonzaque Obituary: The Syracuse, New York community is in mourning following the tragic passing of eleven-year-old Ashton DeGonzaque. Ashton, a sixth-grader at Grant Middle School, was discovered unresponsive in his home and later succumbed to his condition in the hospital. His family suspects a possible drug overdose, as cocaine and fentanyl were found in his system.

Who Was Ashton DeGonzaque?

Ashton DeGonzaque was a vibrant and caring young boy who attended Grant Middle School. Despite facing challenges in his life and living without his mother, Ashton was dearly loved by his family and the community.

Ashton DeGonzaque Obituary

Ashton DeGonzaque Passes Away At Age 11
Ashton DeGonzaque Obituary

Ashton’s family, particularly his great-aunt Vickie Homer and great-uncle Robert DeGonzaque, expressed profound devastation over his passing. They highlighted Ashton’s struggles and their efforts to ensure his well-being, including seeking help from Child Protective Services.

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Reason for Death

Ashton’s death was attributed to a possible drug overdose, with substances like cocaine and fentanyl detected in his system. His family raised concerns about the authorities’ failure to intervene and provide adequate support, contributing to the tragic outcome.

Calls for Accountability

Ashton’s family criticized the authorities, alleging negligence and failure to protect Ashton despite their repeated attempts to seek help. They highlighted concerns about Ashton’s living conditions, including exposure to drugs, neglect, and lack of supervision.

Action and Prevention

Ashton’s family called for accountability and action to prevent similar tragedies in the future. They emphasized the importance of recognizing signs of neglect and abuse and urged authorities to take decisive steps to protect vulnerable children.

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The passing of Ashton DeGonzaque has deeply saddened the Syracuse community, highlighting the need for better support systems and interventions to protect vulnerable children. As the community mourns Ashton’s loss, his family’s calls for accountability and action serve as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding children’s well-being.

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