Who is Shanin Blake Parents? Did Her Dad Work For Lockheed Martin?

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Shanin Blake’s parents are not millionaires or well-off. She has faced numerous struggles to achieve her current position.

Just a few years back, Blake was relatively unknown. Even those familiar with her never envisioned her becoming one of the most sought-after artists in the US.

Shanin’s path is that of a single mother deeply entrenched in poverty, relying on food stamps to get by. She faced the daunting task of raising her baby daughter and managing the bills all on her own.

Afterward, Blake headed to California to chase her dream of a music career, which quickly took off. Presently, she boasts 226,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 56,100 subscribers on YouTube.

Her Spotify streams surged from 283,100 in 2020 to an impressive 10.2 million in 2023. Additionally, she travels globally, gracing music gigs and dazzling audiences at events with her performances.

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Shanin Blake’s Mother Raised Her Single Parent

Shanin Blake's Mother Raised Her Single Parent

Until just a few years back, Blake wasn’t a household name. However, she has since sold numerous songs and carved out a notable presence in the music industry.

As her fame grows, so does curiosity about her family and upbringing. Rumors have even circulated suggesting that Shanin Blake’s parents are affluent.

Disputing these rumors, Shanin revealed her modest upbringing in a heartfelt Instagram post in March 2023. She was raised in a single-parent household alongside two siblings.


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Shanin Blake’s mother raised her three children single-handedly. She frequently faced the repossession of her car and relied on weekly blood donations to afford groceries.

Although Shanin’s mother’s identity remains undisclosed, she has posted pictures of her grandmother, Mama Blake, on Instagram. Mama Blake resides with her granddaughter and great-granddaughter.

Life was challenging for the singer too. She became pregnant at eighteen, only to see her baby’s father imprisoned shortly afterward.

Blake’s family disowned her, criticizing her decision to prioritize motherhood over her budding music career.

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Shanin Blake’s Father Is Not worked with Lockheed Martin

Despite her modest upbringing, Shanin has faced unfounded accusations of being a nepotism beneficiary, with claims circulating that her father is a millionaire.

Many speculate that Shanin Blake’s father works for Lockheed Martin or Raytheon, alleging that she has misrepresented her background for public sympathy.

However, these assertions originated as a jest on Twitter and were later amplified on TikTok by netizens, evolving into baseless rumors.


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Even after Shanin shared her past experiences on Instagram following the incident, she continues to face accusations of fabricating the story of being disowned by her wealthy father.

Nonetheless, it seems Shanin Blake’s father played a minimal role in her life. Whether he truly works for Lockheed Martin remains uncertain, but he has never been involved in Shanin’s upbringing.


Q1. Why Is Shanin Blake Stirring Controversy?
Shanin Blake has faced public scrutiny for allegedly appropriating a traditional Hawaiian practice, Ho’oponopono. Additionally, she once mentioned using her thoughts to address kidney stones through her lyrics.

Q2. What Is Shanin Blake’s Age?
As of 2024, Shanin Blake is 29 years old. She was born on October 31, 1994, in Utah.

Q3. Who Is Shanin Blake’s Daughter?
The artist is the mother of her daughter, Juniper Rythmn. Juniper is active on Instagram, boasting over 4,000 followers.

Q4. Who Is Shanin Blake’s Boyfriend in 2024?
In 2024, Shanin Blake is in a relationship with musical artist Layup.

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