Blush Bubbles

sparklingrose2What’s better than a cold glass of rosé in summer? A cold glass with bubbles! This Tuesday Tasting we feature 3 sparkling rosés from three different countries that know the best way to face the heat:

  • Xtales Frizzante Rosé, Spain—Made from 100% tempranillo, this effervescent rosé is juicy and flavorful tasting of ripe raspberries and strawberries with just a touch of acidity for a clean finish.
  • Sophora Sparkling Rosé, New Zealand—This sparkling rosé made from chardonnay and pinot noir is one of our favorites of the season: lush and creamy, it tastes of cherries and pink grapefruit with a hint of warm bread.
  • Graham Beck Brut Rosé, South Africa—Another pinot noir chardonnay blend from one of the most well-known sparkling vintners in South Africa, this pale pink rosé tastes of raspberry, cherry with a hint of minerals and chalk.

Pricing: $9

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