Lively Oaks

OakChardonnayTo oak, or not to oak—that is the question. This Tuesday tasting you decide as we try 3 shades of Chardonnay from 3 different countries. Featuring:

  • Vrac Macon Burgundy, France —This crisp, unoaked white is a refreshing example of the region tasting of apples, pears, lemon, and a hint of vanilla cream. $15 btl, $7 btg
  • Glen Carlou Chardonnay, South Africa – This award-winning white is fermented in French oak for 10 months to create a tropical fruit-filled Chardonnay with a touch of vanilla and oak balanced by a clean, citrus finish. $16 btl, $7 btg
  • Manifesto Chardonnay, California – Hailing from the North Coast, this rich, creamy white is everything one expects in a Cali Chardonnay; aged in American oak, it’s big and buttery tasting of sweet apples and lemon cream with a long finish. $13 btl, $6 btg

Tasting: $9

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