Mad About Malbecs: Mendoza Edition

MadMalbecs2This Tuesday Tasting we try 3 critically-acclaimed Argentinian Malbecs that deliver a lot of bang for the buck (or “drink well above their price point” in wine speak). Featuring:

  • Amado Sur – This full-bodied wine is made of 79% Malbec, 11% Bonardo (Argentina’s 2nd most popular red grape) and 10% Syrah, resulting in a deep red with notes of strawberries and red cherries blended with hints of clove and vanilla. $7 btg, $14 btl
  • Trivento Cabernet Sauvignon-Malbec Reserve – This 50:50 blend brings out the best of both grapes, highlighting the rich raspberry and dark fruit of the Malbec with a touch of vanilla and the dry, earthy elegance of a Cab. $8 btg, $18 btl
  • Trivento Golden Reserve – This world-famous wine will appeal to even the most finicky of red lovers – 100% Malbec aged in French oak for 2 years, it’s rich in color and flavour, tasting of plum and berry jam with a hint of coffee and tobacco. $9 btg, $21 btl

Tasting: $12

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