April Artwalk

 Featuring a New B&W Photography Exhibit from Guy Llewellyn III


While international travel may still be a few months away, it doesn’t mean you can’t escape to new countries with a tour and taste of Argentina at Firehouse this Friday, April 9.

Firehouse will be featuring a new series of black & white photographs of Buenos Aires from Guy Llewellyn III. The photos, printed on a beautiful metallic pearl paper, bring to life the majesty and vitality of this iconic city.

Both his hobby and his passion, Guy has been taking and developing photographs for more than 40 years. Join us between 6 and 8 pm to meet the artist and learn more about his work and what he calls “a journey to aspire to” and to enjoy some Argentinian bubbles and local tapas.

About the Photographs

Subject matter is entirely from Buenos Aires in 2017. The Recoleta Cemetery is famous for its eerie grandeur. The Sunday Market in south Buenos Aires extends for dozens of blocks and is comprised of many vendors of tea-steeps to masks, crafts, art, and antiques. Spotted with musicians, the visual art of the of the market is complemented by the free-flowing music in the gentle Argentina breeze. Scent and taste chime in with espresso, charcuterie, and tapas galore. And, yes…with Mendoza not far away, the Malbecs, Bonardas, and Cabernets are aplenty. This is a trip for your bucket list, a journey to aspire to, an experience unparalleled.

About the Prints

Photographs were cropped with minor adjustments to lighting using Lightroom on a 2017 iMac 27”.

The paper of choice was MOAB Metallic Pearl 13”x19”, chosen for its high DMAX, resolution qualities, and shimmer, making it particularly well-suited to black and white.

A Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer was used in conjunction with dye-based Canon ink-sets.

Prints are mounted using only acid-free materials. Prints can be removed, with diligence, for transfer to another mat and frame if preferred.

About the Photographer

My Father taught me photography using my first camera, an Olympus Pen-F half frame 35mm. I learned how to control light through aperture and shutter speed. At 11 years of age he placed me in the darkroom and by 12 years I was processing my own B & W film and creating my own prints. The wonder of photography captivated me and has since been my hobby and a passion for over 40 years.

I love photography as as medium for purposes of personal expression, enlightenment, enjoyment, relaxation, and evoking emotion in the viewer. For me, the photograph is the culmination of everything that transpires from the moment I release the shutter to the moment I complete the final print.

For more information on the photographs or other works, please contact Guy Llewellyn III




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